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LTEVA Contractor Services

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Quality Assurance Program

LTEVA Contractor Services’ guidelines are specific to each individual client project and are streamlined to meet the organizations requirements and to exceed our clients’ expectations. We accomplish this by establishing the necessary procedures and /or reports to streamline workflow process. LTEVA monitors compliance with quality standards to ensure that vendor payments and contract terms are executed in a timely manner, payroll administration and withholdings are well managed, adjustments against income are correctly made, and record keeping is accurate. Our internal quality control program monitors and evaluates all services being provided by our team in supporting current work with detail account management and reporting services. These critical Quality Assurance Support elements include cost estimate assessments, budget assessments, and schedule analysis of accounting data to ensure successful reporting.

LTEVA’s processes and procedures for monitoring the quality of services provided included:

  •  Evaluating the performance and comparing it to the established standards
  • Creating a plan for corrective actions to adjust areas that need improvement
  • Communicating the plan to the personnel responsible for implementation
  • Evaluating the corrective actions and deciding whether further actions are necessary to improve the performance/processes.

Quality Assurance is a vital part of survival of any business. Therefore, LTEVA has established the quality assurance standards. By following these standards, we can ensure that the services we provide guarantee the highest value to our clients. Our quality assurance standards require:

  • Ongoing review and improvement of processes
  • Recognition and correction of problems
  • Most qualified and experienced staff performing assignments
  • Adhering to timelines and cost-consciousness